Rules and Guidelines

It is the purpose of Surge to create an atmosphere permeated by the values and love of Christ. Each individual is expected to follow the rules of Surge and to respect the counselors instructions.

  • Camper has completed no less than the 5th grade and no greater than the 12th grade

  • Shorts not higher than fingertips. If standing up straight and arms are to your side, your shorts are longer than your finger tips.

  • Leggings/yoga pants must have a covering that follows the fingertip guideline

  • Ladies: no spaghetti strap tops or tube tops

  • Dudes: keep your shirts on & arm holes small

  • NO girls in guys quarters: NO guys in girls quarters

  • Proper relationship between guys & girls is to be maintained at all times

  • Cell phones, Mp3-players, and gaming devices are prohibited and will be turned in at registration.

  • Communication with parents and family will occur with the counselor and directors cell phones upon request.

  • No use of tobacco, alcohol, or unprescribed drugs

  • No vaping

  • No possession of weapons or abuse of camp facilities

  • Profanity, stealing, lewd behavior of any kind, and disruptive and uncooperative attitudes or behavior are not allowed

  • No leaving grounds without Director approval

  • Breaking rules can be grounds for dismissal from Surge

  • We are not equipped for visitors at any time during the week. Exceptions require approval of the Director prior to arrival.

  • Taking campers from camp for sports events is discouraged.

  • To leave camp midweek, campers must be signed out/in with cabin counselor and director.